What We Do

City of Atlanta Office of the Public Defender zealously advocates for clients while providing client-centered holistic legal defense. We provide counsel at all phases of litigation, including appellate representation.

I. Community Court

Community Court is an accountability court that provides alternative sentencing and/or diversion options.  Our attorneys provide zealous representation in Community Court.

II. Appeals

A person is entitled to appeal a case if found guilty to any of the charges. Our office represents clients on appeal. We have attorneys with extensive appeals experience and a specialized knowledge of appellate law.

III. Immigration Defense Unit

The Immigration Defense Unit of the Office of the Public Defender provides representation and consultations to low-income individuals facing deportation, and provides Padilla mandated advice to non-citizen clients of the Office of the Public Defender.

IV. Code Compliance and Housing

All matters that involve accused violations of code enforcement, licensing, housing, building and fire codes, common carriers, and related issues, are defended by the Office of the Public Defender. In addition to implementing compliance measures through staff engagement, public sector partnerships, or other available remedies, the department actively incorporates in each case, their legal expertise in title standards, construction, bankruptcy, probate, environmental, and general business.


DUI offenses are the most complex matters handled by the Municipal Court of Atlanta. Our DUI Division attorneys undergo the legal, scientific, and technical training necessary to competently defend a DUI case.  As part of our holistic defense model, the Office of the Public Defender also specializes in helping clients find treatment and support for any alcohol or substance dependency disorders.

VI. Traffic Court Defense

Traffic cases in Georgia are treated like any other criminal charge because a violation of a traffic law is a criminal matter. Our Traffic Attorneys represent clients who are issued a citation for allegedly violating a motor vehicle law.

VII. Criminal Defense

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys represent clients charged with offenses in the Atlanta Municipal Court.  These include city ordinance and some misdemeanor charges.